Computer recycling Recycling

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You're concerned about what happens to your equipment. You want to know where it goes and we're here to tell you that Intercon Solutions will completely recycle everything you send us - end of story and the end of the line for electronics.

Please take a moment to review the important highlights about our company and when you're finished, if what you see interests you, click here to be in touch with an Intercon representative.

  • We provide complete recycling with absolutely no reselling, no remarketing, no land filling and no incineration.
  • We operate within ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified Management Systems and regularly have Phase One Environmental Assessments performed by an independent, third-party environmental consulting firm.
  • We own a completely enclosed and conveniently located 250,000 square-foot processing facility that is continually monitored using Department of Defense approved closed-circuit video surveillance.
  • We utilize and offer thirty-eight years of recycling experience and employ expert environmental consultants.
  • Our sales and customer service teams are friendly, knowledgeable and operate during extended hours to accommodate clients in different areas of the country.
  • We offer personalized solutions to large corporations, businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations and consumers that include system integration and custom material tracking and reporting to meet clients' needs.
  • We have locations throughout the U.S. and Canada that enable us to offer next day pick-up nationwide and provide a Certificate of Recycling within two weeks.
  • Our de-manufacturing methods are environmentally safe and completely contained with no toxic byproducts or unnecessary threats to worker safety.
  • We can provide outstanding client references and are a member of the Better Business Bureau, National Recycling Coalition, Illinois Recycling Association, Indiana Recycling Coalition.
  • We have substantial financial backing and are fully licensed, bonded and insured.